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Wrendale Birthday Cards

  • 675

5 x 7"

Printed on sustainably sourced textured board the card comes with a recycled kraft envelope. The message inside reads 'Happy Birthday.'

Little Grey Hare inside - "Happy Birthday"

Age is Irrelephant inside - "Happy Birthday"

Fabulous inside - "Have a wonderful day"

How Old? inside - "wishing you a great birthday"

Badger Wishes inside - "have a wonderful day"

Woodland Party inside - "it's time to party"

Acorns inside -" have a wonderful day"

The Bluebirds Song inside - "the birds are singing just for you"

Birthday Flowers inside - "go a little wild and have and amazing day"

Splashing Birthday inside - "with love on your special day"

Favourite Bad Influence inside - "it's your day to celebrate - enjoy and have fun"

What Cake? inside - "it's time for a little bit of cake and a lot of fun"

Sleepy Kitten inside - "have a paw-some day"

Birthday Mouse - "have a mice day"

Peek-a-boo Birthday - "have a wonderful day"

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