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"Drifting and Dreaming....

Posted by Madelyn on

...sweet paradise!"

-Haven Gillespie-

 As summer lazily drifts in, outings, barbecues, beach days, and outdoor weddings capture our attention, giving plenty of opportunities to experience and appreciate the great outdoors. 

Create a sumptuous spa within your home to suggest the ambience of relaxing on the sand by the water. Conjure a dreamy atmosphere with a scented candle while enveloped in the luxuriously deep pile of Portofino bath towels. Contrast gentle watercolours with rustic decor to transport you to your favourite beach.

New In!

The new colour in our Le Creuset line, Teal, is excellent for beach inspired kitchens. Not only are the pieces exquisitely designed with ombre shading from dark to light, they are also built to last in heirloom-quality cast iron and ceramic. A beautiful gift for generations of family chefs.

Wedding Gifts

Gift the bride-to-be a classy table setting with clean lines and just the right amount joyful colour to complement delicious home-cooking or upscale a rushed take-out dinner in their new life together. 
Wish the happy couple well with the wonderfully illustrated Wrendale special occasion cards. Rustic, whitewashed, wooden decor in picture frames and card boxes delightfully displays pictures and cards to commemorate the day.

Coming Soon!

Everyone's favourite whimsical prints from artist Sam Toft will be arriving soon! These vivid prints follow Ernest Hemingway Mustard and his wife Violet, with appearances from a dog named Doris, a cat named Pumpkin, a fish named Rover, a duck named Horace, a sheep named Audrey; as well as many more of their eccentric friends and pets. 


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